1. Big Tree - Raise the Flag

  2. Classics, Remixed

  3. Ever wonder why Starbucks spells your name wrong?

  4. The Skins - Rude Girl

    "I go Solange on that @#$@# if she test me"

  5. Brooklyn, amirite? (via Judgemental Maps)

    Brooklyn, amirite? (via Judgemental Maps)

  6. Photo Essay: Dads at a One Direction concert

  7. stereogum:

    The Beastie Boys on Joan Rivers, 1987.

    Reblogged from: stereogum
  8. Peaking LightsBreakdown

    Ever feel like your phone owns your soul?

  9. VÉRITÉ - Weekend

  10. Is Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" just Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" slowed down? Watch.

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